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le bourget voilance-bas-satine

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The Le Bourget Voilance bas Satiné stockings 15 denier are glamour and gloss. Elegant and refined satin leg finish and come with durable reinforced toes. The Stockings have a soft strap on band and is very comfortable. A high gloss leg makes them the ultimate in sophistication and style. They're perfect for adding lustre to your outfit as they will give your legs a sensational shimmering effect.
le bourget voilance-bas-satine stockings
le bourget
voilance-bas-satine stockings
15 DEN
94% nylon 6% elasthan
to wear with a garterbelt
available colors:
black bronze
 £ 8.95 
Our size charts are designed to give our customers the best guide possible when trying to establish their correct size. We sometimes do not replicate exactly the chart shown on the back of the pack, when we feel the guide gives a better overvieuw.

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