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What Katie Did L6070

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Beautifully crafted What Katie Did Maitresse nouveau bullet bra is supportive and comfortable. This updated version of the classic Maitresse Bullet Bra has some new vintage detailing including the V shaped elastic at the top of the cups, and cage elastic at the back of the band. Unlike modern bras, which push the breasts inwards and upwards, the Maitresse Bullet Bra gently coaxes your breasts into the perfect 1950s conical shape. The bullet bras is not underwired and wears very comfortable.
What Katie Did L6070 Bullet Bra
What Katie Did
L6070 Bullet Bra
Satin: 100% polyester
available colors:
 £ 34.95 
Glamorous vintage lingerie that is inspired by designs of the 40's and 50's.

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